Established Artists Vince Gill, Randy Kohrs, Richard Bennett, and Paul Franklin all use Benado Effects products!
New artists are frequently being added, be sure to check back for your favorite artist.
 Artist Name Band Product
Dean Parks Steely Dan, Studio PB-1
Randy Kohrs Randy Kohrs, Producer, Engineer PB-1S, Deluxe Black
Richard Bennett Mark Knopfler, Neil Diamond, many more... RB-Deluxe Plus Signature, Miniboard Custom
Andy Reiss TimeJumpers, Studio Jazzy Blues, Deluxe Plus
Paul Franklin Dire Straits, TimeJumpers, Studio PF-Steel Dream, PB-1S Custom, Adverb Reverb
Vince Gill Vince Gill PB-1, PB-1S Custom
John Shanks Producer, Bon Jovi PB-1S
John Macy Engineer, Producer PF-Steel Dream, Adverb Reverb
Brent Mason Studio PB1, Adverb Reverb
Dion DiMucci Solo Deluxe Black
Jamie Lennon Easton Corbin, Georgette Jones PF-Steel Dream
Benado Effects Users
First Name Last Name Product
Colin  Braidly  PF Steel Dream Custom with Peterson Tuner + Miniboard custom
Gerhardt  Pearson   PF - Steel Dream
Guenther Dachs  PF - Steel Dream
Craig  Bailey   PF - Steel Dream
Danny  Jones  Virgo Miniboard
Jack  homburg  PB-1S
Giovanni  Cavozzi  Deluxe Black + PB1- Pro
Daryl  Brooke  PF - Steel Dream
Timothy  Hintz  SolBurner
Peter  Freeman  PF - Steel Dream
Paulo  Valderrama Astudillo  SolBurner
Daniel Baily SolBurner
Mark  McBurney  PF - Steel Dream
Christopher  Pitney  AR - Jazzy Blues
Bobbie  Humphrey  PF - Steel Dream
Rodney  Acuff  PF - Steel Dream
Ron  Meecey  Virgo Mini pedalboard
Ryan  Hurd  SolBurner
PK Pandey  SolBurner
Christopher  Benjamin  PB-1S
Chuck  Lawson  SolBurner
Rodney  Acuff  Virgo Mini pedalboard
Michael  Kiese  PF - Steel Dream
Steve  Rosko  SolBurner
Jeremy  Chapman  Virgo Mini pedalboard
Brian  Wilson  SolBurner
Nick  Mullins  SolBurner
Roberto  Piccoli  SolBurner
Donald  Roeser  SolBurner
Matthew  Sternstein  Virgo Mini pedalboard
Rodney  Acuff  PB-1S
John  Shawde  SolBurner
Sam  Gibson  PF - Steel Dream, Adverb
Alan  Moss  PF - Steel Dream
Ed  Ringwald  PF - Steel Dream
Gerald  Forget  PB-1S
Chris  Jones  PB-1S
Tommy  Walker  Adverb
Clay  Powers  PF - Steel Dream
Del  Mullen  Adverb
Jason  Bridges  SolBurner
Philip  Hindes  PF - Steel Dream
George  Olson  PF - Steel Dream
Will  Cuthbert PF - Steel Dream
Charlie  Thompson PF - Steel Dream
Ben  Lester PF - Steel Dream
Gerard  Drury PF - Steel Dream
Andreas  Bernhardt PF - Steel Dream
Joachim  Paetsch PF - Steel Dream
Bridget  Jones PF - Steel Dream
Joe  Cimarelli PF - Steel Dream
John  Mattern PF - Steel Dream
Fred  Heyden PF - Steel Dream
Rick  Jackson PF - Steel Dream
Alex  Cordell PF - Steel Dream
Mark  Wilson PF - Steel Dream
Leonard  Decambra PF - Steel Dream
Bruce Pyes SolBurner
Chris  Kennison PF - Steel Dream
Peter  Nylund PF - Steel Dream
William  Jones  The PRO
Guenther Dachs  PF - Steel Dream
Jason  Dunkle  PF - Steel Dream
Marvin  Born PF - Steel Dream
Paddy  Long PF - Steel Dream
Dennis  McPherson  The PRO
Gary  Gilley The PRO