The Adverb Reverb.
End-of-life as stand alone pedal.

Benado Effects

Type: Stand Alone Pedals

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  • Spring into Action.

  • End-of-life as stand alone pedal. 

  • The Adverb reverb stand alone pedal, will soon be no more. From now on, it will just be part of my line of Pedalboards or custom shop. Get yours today while it's still available. (Availability while inventory last).                                                      

  • The Adverb is a spring style reverb, based on the vintage sound that has been heard on countless albums throughout music history. Many reverbs sound great in the studio, or at home, but once you get on stage, they can be difficult to dial in. Getting lost in the mix or creating so much depth that your sound gets lost in a room is never a good thing!

    This unit has a built in stompswitch shimmer effect. It produces a mild chorusy type of vibe that creates a very warm sound, and gives the reverb a subtly that is often times needed in different environments. Moreover, the Adverb has 2 mono inputs and outputs. Easy application for producing stereo-like studio effects, or perhaps to send one out to your amp, and the other to the mixing board. Simple and Subtle, yet lush and pleasant!

  • Media.

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  • Technical Specs.

    • True Bypass
    • High quality components, carefully sorted & checked by Sage Benado 
    • Diecast Enclosure w/ glossy sparkle powder coat finish
    • 9VDC (center negative) jack, 75mA current draw
    • Power Supply Not Included; We recommend the Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) 1 Spot
    • Dimensions: Length 5.25″ (133.35 mm), Width 4.25″ (107.95 mm), Height 2.5″ (63.5 mm)
    • Weight: 1.5 lb. (.68 Kg)
    • MANUAL (PDF)
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