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The Star Series

Sold Out (pre order yours today)

Benado Effects

Type: Pedal Boards

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  • The Stars align for no nonsense rockers.

    Please note: Above photos show a Star Series PROTOTYPE model.

  • The Star Series was designed for those who don't want the hassle of multiple effects or toe tappin… just click and go! Each comes with the Echo-Zen Tape Echo/Delay. Then, you have the option of choosing the type of Overdrive you want on your unit: the Nutraclean (clean to slight crunch), the Nutradrive (low to medium overdrive), the SolBurner Pro (medium to heavy overdriven sounds), or the new Muffacilious (w/ Mid Boost function)(for that Pink Floyd/Pumpkins flavor). Here at Benado Effects, our goal is to combine effects that make the most sense for the musician.    

    These options will allow you to select an overdrive that is clean to slightly crunchy, old school classic rock, a heavier thick overdrive, or balls to the wall Muff type sounds that also clean up nicely, with extra Midrange if needed. The portable size enclosure makes this unit extremely easy to tote in a gig bag or backpack; take it with you anywhere! Click on the Effects/Routing and Specs sub-tabs to view detailed information about the versatile features of each effect. 

    ***This is a pre-paid order. All units are handmade and assembled as orders are received . Please allow 2-4 weeks to complete your unit.

    ***Individual Effect Pedal Descriptions coming soon!

  • Effects/Routing Ins & Outs.

    • Effects: Echo-Zen (Analog Sound Delay), 4 options: Nutraclean, Nutradrive, Solburner Pro, Muffalicious
    • Routing Ins & Outs: Input, Dry Line Out, 1 9VDC, Speed, Depth, Loop, 2 dedicated Outputs, DI Volume, DI Out
    • Manual Coming Soon!
  • Media.

    Below are SoundCloud Audio Clips for this product. Feel free to use headphones for the best experience!

  • Technical Specs.

    • True Bypass
    • High quality components, carefully sorted & checked by Sage Benado
    • 16 gauge Steel Enclosure w/ glossy powder coat finish
    • High Quality DI Out with Nuetrick Combo XLR/TRS jack
    • 9VDC (up to 12VDC for extra headroom); Dedicated Power In/Out jack (center pin negative)
    • 60mA current draw
    • Power Supply Not Included; We recommend the Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) 1 Spot; for 12VDC, use a Jameco Electronics 12VDC 1500mA (Part # 203036)
    • Dimensions: Length 11.25″ (285.75 mm), Width 5.75″ (146.05 mm), Height 2.75″ (69.85 mm)
    • Weight: 3 lbs. (1.36 Kg)
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