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                                          A mesage from Sage Benado:

Please bare with us while we are working as fast as we can on the new website. This site is still working and you can still make your purchases as normal. A new look and updated website is coming early 2016. Thank you very much for the support. 

Sage Benado




                               *** The Biggest release we've had so far ***



The acclaimed Analog Pedal Boards Now Have Onboard Stomp Classic Tuner

Benado Effects has recently partnered with the popular mainstay Peterson Strobe Tuners to include the Stomp Classic in its pedalboards. Benado Effects is currently taking pre-orders on PB1- Pro, and "Lazar" Analog Modulation pedalbaord. In the future, (date is not set yet), the Stomp Classic will be available on all models, including the PF Steel Dream, named after legendary pedal steel player and endorsee, Paul Franklin.  For the holidays, boards may be ordered at a special discounted rate. For more info on how to pre order your unit and take advantage on the one time only major holiday disscount, please contact me via email sage@benadoeffects.com or call me at 615-538-5968.

In addition to Paul Franklin, renowned musicians/artists who can be seen playing Benado Effects pedalboard include Vince Gill, Brent Mason, Randy Kohrs, Dion DiMucci, Richard Bennett, Andy Reiss and many more.

Now, the units will be even more complete with the The Peterson Strobo Stomp Classic Tuner, the most fully-featured pedal tuner made by anyone to date.



The current PB-1S price droped to $975 from $1199, while inventory lasts.

The PB-1S Pedalboard 

header-pb1s.jpgWhat would make the perfect multi effect pedalboard...?

We think you can narrow it down to (superb) boutique level core effects, unparalleled flexibility for external effects loops, tank like construction, and phenomenal tone.

We've produced (what we think) are the best boutique effects available today. We thought long and hard about signal path and useability, and then put it all together to make one exceptional pedalboard. You will no longer need to worry about your effects chain, as with this pedal board, you will have what we believe is the best analog sounding multi effects pedalboard money can buy.

Your search for a useable multi effects pedalboard is over. The Benado Effects pedalboard is used by house hold names such as: Vince Gill, Paul Franklin, Dean Parks, Brent Mason, Randy Kohrs, Dion (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee)...and the list is growing. We would love you to be part of our family no matter if you are a professional player or just love to play guitar. 

Please take some time to look around the site, have a listen to my pedalboard, and start to understand how this unit could save you time and trouble in the future. As for a single unit, totally usable live/studio solution...I can think of no better product.

To register your product for the manufacturers guarantee, please head over to the Product Registration page.

Rig Rundown
Vince Gill & Paul Franklin                          ::           PB-1 Pedalboard "The Beginning"!

Premier Guitar


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* All units are hand made and hand assembled.  Please allow 4-6 weeks to complete an order.
All Benado Effects products are Designed and Built in the USA   flag-us.jpg