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Covid update

Due to COVID, there has been a long delays. So please be patient, as I build all units according to the waiting list and prepaid orders as soon as parts arrive here at the shop. Thank you so much for being so understanding

December update !!!
End of the year update.For all existing and future clients.

As we are all starting to get back to what's called normal after a long Pandemic, the business world is still facing obstacles, such as shortage of materials, long delays in shipping, workers, etc. Some businesses are thriving, and some are still struggling. But, unfortunately, it's mostly the small businesses who suffer the most, and without any doubt, my business is one of them. The easy way is to cut losses and shut down, but not me. I've decided to fight and continue the BENADO brand. I am responsible for my clients and the brand I've created for the past decade.

The fight to stay active does come with a cost. Some units will no longer be available or will take a new form. The others will get a brand-new design and a new look. Rest assured, the quality won't be DEGRADING, but the opposite. It will be as good and even better. Some new units that have never been available under BENADO are now in their final stage and ready for prototyping and production.

For all my existing clients that have been waiting patiently for months and months, I do apologize, and I am doing everything I can to get the parts needed to complete your orders. However, I want you to remember, Integrity and Quality are always first. We are getting very close to the end of the line. If you can't wait any longer, I truly understand. If you're willing to wait, you won't regret it.

Sincerely yours,
Sage Benado.

To be a pro you need the “pro”


As seen on Mark Knopfler Tour

The Richard Bennett signature unit. 

It’s all about the Tone!

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