• I love it! The Benado boutique pedals are superb in tonal quality. The sound is second to none and its built to last. I noticed right away that having them hardwired together internally, instead of connecting all my boutique pedals with cables cleaned out some of the typical white noise... Less noise equals a more natural tone....
    This lightweight Benado board has made flying a pedalboard a breeze....

    Paul Franklin

  • Used my steel dream out last night with the band and all i can say is WOW just love the re verb and delay did not use the drive yet I used my Nashville 400 amp but now on to my S S amp next still got chills from the sound I have serial Nb. 12

    Mark S Miller

  • I'm using mine in front of a Sarno V8 Octal preamp then into a TC Furlong CB12. I couldn't be happier with this setup.
    By the way, I have to comment about Sage Benado's customer service. He called me today just to ensure I was completely happy with the PF Steel Dream. I feel that his commitment to his customers would be hard to match.

    Tony Rankin

  • I too cannot say enough about Sage's customer service, I've rarely experienced better. That coupled with the high quality and versatile unit is unbeatable.

    Billy Tam

  • Hi Tony, JCH Benado Effects Pedal To Sarno Preamp in to the Furlong CB 12 Awesome sound . The Search for the sound is over for me!

    Randy Gillian

  • Best live unit I've used to date.

    George Seymour