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From the time I remember learning to play the guitar, the one thing that always stuck was the sound of a great solo. Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) were my first influences. If you think about both of them, they're not what we call technical players/shredders; rather it was about their tone, and the beautifully phrased solos they played.
Just like guitars and amps, guitar effects can either add to your tone or take away from it. You can have a nice guitar with mediocre pickups and it will sound "OK", and you can have a so-so guitar with great pick ups and it will sound great. That's what I've discovered about effects. You can have an "OK" guitar with an "OK" amp...but then add a great pedal, and it can sound amazing. Enhancing your sound with lots of effects can lead to a great sound, however, lots of effects could mean lots of cables, separate power supply, etc.. These all have a profound impact on your tone.
I don't like clutter, and I am not so fond of digital effects. I never had multiple stomp boxes because there is too much clutter. You need short cables, adaptors, and batteries. The more pedals you have the more accessories you need for all those pedals, and now you need a case for all of it!
effects pedals
So I started thinking, "Why can't I have a box that will have all my great sounding pedals all hand wired together. all I would need is my guitar and my box." Also, I was inspired years ago by the great Pete Cornish and the effect board systems he makes for big name guitarists, such as: David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Brian May, and many many more...
David Gilmour
                      Above: David Gilmour and Mark Knopfler.
Since the beginning, I was never keen on tons of effects. I always loved the natural sound straight from the guitar to the amp; of course, it helps to have a great amp. One effect I always loved was a lush reverb or a nice echo. Later on, I began to enjoy a warm overdrive added to my tone. There are several options on the market; it can be overwhelming. You have digital effects, analog effects, stomp boxes, multi effects, rack mounts and so on….

This is how the idea for Benado Effects came to fruition....An all analog pedalboard. A superior unit, all analog effects, hand made, hand wired, each unit assembled like it was my own, with care and love. It provides the basics that every guitar player needs for playing live or at the recording studio. My vision is to one day see guitar players walking to a gig or the studio with just a guitar and my pedalboard...ready to go. No worries about weight, clutter, space, etc.. Just like I thought to myself many years ago, "I wish I could just show up for a jam or a gig, with my guitar and a great pedalboard...all in ONE gig bag". The time is now...

A great product is only as good as the customer service that accompanies it. My goal is to provide each and every one of my customers with the highest level of customer support/service. Personable, fast, and professional.
Benado Effects
Above: Benado Effects.