The Paul Franklin Signature unit.
please read update below before ordering


  • August/2023 - Important updateWe are finally starting to get back to normal as parts are arriving at the shop. Pre-orders are now open for the newly redesigned STEEL DREAM. (details of the new unit to follow).  As soon as all parts arrive at the shop and are inspected, all pre-orders from the past TWO years will have to be fullfield first. Please be patient as we slowly try to get back to regular operation.  The price might increase after we assess all new parts costs. All pre-orders will be honored at the time of their purchase. 

  • The development of the PF Steel Dream was implemented in conjunction with Paul Franklin. Paul was first introduced to my products some time ago. He asked me If I could create a unit dedicated to Pedal Steel players. I asked,  what effects he thought they would want. After going through different options, Paul narrowed it down to a medium gain Overdrive, Delay, and Reverb. Hence, the PF Steel Dream was created. DETAILS OF THE NEWLY REDESIGNED STEEL DREAM, WILL BE UPDATED SOON

  • Effects/Routing Ins & Outs
    • Effects: Steel-Verb, Echo-Zen (Analog Sound Delay), Nutradrive
    • Routing Ins & Outs: Fuse, Fuse Spare, Input, Dry Line Out, Two 9VDC, Loop, Two dedicated Outputs
    • MANUAL (PDF)
    • Media.

      Audio and video Clips are coming soon!

    • Technical Specs.

      • True Bypass
      • High-quality components, carefully sorted & checked by Sage Benado
      • 16 gauge Steel Enclosure w/ glossy powder coat finish
      • 9VDC (up to 12VDC for extra headroom). Power Supply Not Included!!! (I am working on a branded power supply and will update you as soon as it's available here to purchase. At the moment, any 9VDC-12VDC center pin negative will work). You want to make sure your power supply has enough mA. Anywhere from 500mA above is better.
      • Dual Parallel dedicated Power In/Out jacks (center pin negative)
      • 90mA current draw
      • Power Supply Not Included; We recommend the Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) 1 Spot; for 12VDC, use a Jameco Electronics 12VDC 1500mA (Part # 203036)
      • Dimensions: Length 15.25″ (387.35 mm), Width 5.57″ (146.05 mm), Height 2.75" (69.85 mm)
      • Weight: 5 lbs. (2.26 Kg)
      Built like a tank. Made in the U.S.A. It's not just a slogan. It's a principle.