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PB-1S End-Of-Life 

Only a few left, get yours today.

While inventory lasts, the predecessor to "The Pro",  the PB-1S, played by Vince Gill, Paul Franklin, Brent Mason, John Shanks and many more, is sold now for $899 (Normal price $999, MSRP: $1200), S&H not included.

The PB-1S features: Compressor, Solburner, Nutradrive, Echo-Zen Delay, and Adverb. An unbalanced DI OUT (TRS jack only). An option with a dedicated Volume for the DI OUT is available for $50 extra.

Only a few left, get yours today.

Just fill up the form below with your request and I will return to you with an invoice.

If you are looking to place a custom shop order, we offer 2, 3, or 5 Enclosures.

First, decide what effects you are interested in from our product line:
Peterson Strobo Classic Tuner, Compressor, Nutraclean, Nutradrive, Solburner Pro, Muff~A~Licious (Fuzz Overdrive), Chorus, Rainbow Phase, Tremolo (Analog Tremolo), Echo-Zen (Analog Sound Delay stand alone),The Echoes (Parallel dual delay), Adverb (Spring Style Reverb), Steel-Verb.

Review the routing sections, based on how many pedals you have decided to select:
2 Miniboard enclosure: Fuse, Fuse Spare, Input, 2 9VDC, Speed, Depth, Loop, 2 dedicated Outputs, DI Volume, DI Out
3 Pedalboard enclosure: Fuse, Fuse Spare, Input, Dry Line Out, 2 9VDC, Loop, 2 dedicated Outputs 
5 Pedalboard enclosure: (Buffer) Input or Output, Input, Dry Out, Fuse, Fuse Spare, 2 9VDC, Patch Bay (w/ Dry Buffer Out), Depth, Speed, Loop, Unbalanced DI Out, 2 dedicated Outputs, Dry Signal Switch, DI Volume.
Provide your chosen effects in the text box below, and we will provide you a quote ASAP. As with any custom order, prices are adjusted based on the customization of each order. All custom products are non-refundable.

If you are looking to upgrade or service your existing Benado unit, please provide us with a detailed explanation below (w/ Product Serial Number), and we will contact you with further details!