RB Deluxe Plus
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  • Deluxe is the new Black.

    For those who love the famous sound of Vibrato amps from the 1960s and wished you owned one, or perhaps you do and it's a bit heavy to carry from gig to gig, look no more...   

    Endorsed by Richard Bennett, The RB Deluxe Plus was designed to bring you the Vibrato Amp flavor via an easy plug and play board, with maximum portability. It features a medium gain Overdrive, Tremolo, and Delay.  Click on the Effects/Routing and Specs sub-tabs to view detailed information about the versatile features of each effect unit. In addition, you can also order the standard Deluxe Black (dropdown listed above), that has the same Overdrive and Tremolo, however the Delay is replaced with the Adverb.  

    ***This is a pre-paid order. All units are handmade and assembled as orders are received . Please allow 8-12 weeks to complete your unit.

  • Due to COVID, there has been a long delay in parts availability, which will cause orders completion to take longer than usual. Please be patient as I am building the units according to the waiting list and prepaid orders as soon as parts arrives here at the shop. Thank you for being so understanding.

  • ***Individual Effect Pedal Descriptions coming soon!

  • Effects/Routing Ins & Outs.

    • Effects: Tremolo (Analog Tremolo), Echo-Zen (Analog Sound Delay), Nutradrive
    • Routing Ins & Outs: Fuse, Fuse Spare, Input, Dry Line Out, 2 9VDC, Loop, 2 dedicated Outputs, DI Out/Volume (Standard Deluxe Black only)
    • Manual Coming Soon!
  • Media.

    SoundCloud Audio Clips coming soon!

  • Technical Specs.

    • True Bypass
    • High quality components, carefully sorted & checked by Sage Benado
    • 16 gauge Steel Enclosure w/ glossy powder coat finish
    • 9VDC (up to 12VDC for extra headroom); Dual Parallel dedicated Power In/Out jacks (center pin negative)
    • 90mA current draw
    • Power Supply Not Included; We recommend the Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) 1 Spot; for 12VDC, use a Jameco Electronics 12VDC 1500mA (Part # 203036)
    • Dimensions: Length 15.25″ (387.35 mm), Width 5.57″ (146.05 mm), Height 2.75" (69.85 mm)
    • Weight: 5 lbs. (2.26 Kg)
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